NSA action “unconstitutional”

The Electronic Frontier Foundation finally managed to get papers released from the very secretive FISC. This is the court (if you can call it that, they only answer to the Government, and none of their findings are published to the public … ) that monitors the NSA. Laughably, they only have access to information that the Government feed them. Doesn’t sound to independent does it?

Well, the EFF found that FISC had ruled that the NSA had acted “unconstitutionally” in spying on Americans in what one would call a callous and wholesale act. That said, it would appear that they are powerless to stop them. Considering that New Zealand has landed itself in a similar situation, thanks in no small part to Key and his crony regime, are we going to expect the same. Despite constant protestations the the GCSB will **NOT** spy on New Zealanders without a warrant, why in God’s name was section 14 not furthered clarified (the part of the act dealing with “cyber security”)?

The way is stands, the GCSB are within the legal scope to spy on and read all communications from New Zealanders. His claim, that it will “not happen”, and his attempt to white wash it by making a directive from parliament to courts will not wash. Sorry John, you are full of shit, and I wouldn’t trust you as far as I could throw you. Your action today during an interview with journalists, walking out mid-question speaks volumes. You acted like a spoilt brat.

we only have to look at the US to see what we are in for.




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