Bradley Manning given 35 years

In a not unexpected move, Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years. I wonder what the soldier that shot to hell those journalists in that infamous video clip got. Probably a medal. While this sentence sickens me (and Snowden will now have a pretty good idea of what he stands to loose), I hope to god that it does not stop other whistle blowers from standing out. What the US Government is doing, with universal surveillance, and an unjust conflict in the middle east, is just simply wrong. Made worse as of yesterday by our Government jumping on board with the GCSB bill.


Feeling the heat

What the hell is John Key so determinedly trying to hide. In this press conference today, in the middle of questioning on the GCSB bill, he pretty much walked off. In the attached video, look at the last minute of so to see what I mean. He clearly can’t handle the heat, and questions are going to be asked. I hope he is good to his word, regarding the GCSB spying on New Zealanders “communications” wholesale, and him tendering his resignation. He must know now that the price for serving his masters is the loss of power.

Spooks have smashing good time

As if the Miranda incident is not insulting enough, the spooks have taken it upon themselves to scaring the shit out of the media by turning up at the Guardian, and proceeding to destroy (physically) hard drives. Not that it will matter that much, as I am sure they will be backed up. Now that the bill has been passed here, I am pretty sure we can expect those kind of antics here.

TICS bill

With all the hoo haa about the GCSB bill, I almost forgot about the TICS bill. In a nutshell, it will make **MANDATORY** for large carriers to essentially open a backdoor to their systems. Upshot, it makes it essentially a trivial task to spy on the public, and I would be willing to bet money on this, it will all be without a warrant.Something else that is pointed out on a stuff article, section 14 of the GCSB bill essentially allows the GCSB to “filter” electronic content, without a warrant. And it says nothing in that section about overseas agencies, so expect that the likes of the US will have a free reign here. Oh well, we will find out tomorrow what will happen …

Campbell survey

While the survey was not exactly scientific, the numbers kind of stack up. 52,666 people voted, of which 11% support the GCSB bill, but a whopping 89% don’t. Not sure what planet John Key is on, but e ought to take on board those numbers. That to me does not sound like a group of people who are just worried about the snapper quota …

John gets a taste of his own

This made me giggle, if not for the sheer cheek 🙂 Protesters outside Keys Parnell mansion obviously rattled him, judging by the comments. Good timing (or good luck) by the protesters found Key inside his residence at the time. Considering the medicine he is expecting the public to swallow with the GCSB bill, I frankly think he got off lightly. Hey John, you missed a trick there, you could have rounded them up and had them tried for sedition. No, wait, that will be the 6am raid you are planning?—Key/tabid/1607/articleID/309539/Default.aspx