GCSB “Justified”

The GCSB, in a leaked document, spell out how the leaking of information by Edward Snowden has harmed them, and that they fear that if this spirals out of control (their control that is), they can forsee being taken to court, and made to justify their actions. As they are paid for out of the public purse, I see this as only fear. At the moment, the only justifications we have their existence at all come from themselves, and it would outwardly appear that they answer to no one.


Here are ten helpful recommendations from the Electronic Frontier Foundation to help keep you safe from surveillance (short of turning off everything electronic, and paying by cash …). Worth a read …


This is pretty disgusting. The founder of Lavabit, the mail encryption service, despite closing, and even an offer to hand over the private key for Edward Snowden, is finding himself defending a charge of “contempt of court”. Not sure how much they want out of him, but if he has zeroed out the private keys, as he once claimed he had, there is little he can do. This will be an interesting case to watch, as it is being argued that the powers that be are in violation of the forth amendment. I just hope he doesn’t do time for this, as that will put the living fear into people brave enough to run these services, and we will see more and more people volunteering to close, rather than risk taking on the Government. So much for freedom of speech, but I don’t think the US government really cares much about little details like that.


And finally, this is a rather lengthy summary of what has been going on through the eyes of the Guardian. Quite a bit it would appear. And reading between the lines, the Europeans are rightly pissed off!!



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