Grab bag

Got a number of articles to share today.

Ireland is challenging Facebooks involvement with the PRISM program. This could be a pretty big problem for Facebook, as they are registered in Ireland as a tax dodge.

It has been revealed that the NSA has been spying on 35 world leaders, all of which are unnamed. Apparently the numbers were obtained from other US departments, after requesting their “rolodexes”.

Former National Security Agency director Michael Hayden had the tables turned on him, as Tom Mattzie effectively looked over his shoulder, and revealed to the Internet what Michael Hayden was tweeting. Somewhat an act of Karma ….

This article from LinuxCon. Mikko Hypponen argued that the Internet was nothing more than a “US Colony”, and that the US had a disproportionate amount of power world wide because of it. It doesn’t take much arguing that it certainly has made the task of spying just that much easier.

“We spy, but not as much as the US”. I just cannot help but get the feeling the Europeans are almost jealous of the US’s capacity to spy, and given half the chance they would do so as well.


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