NSA and the EU

So the NSA have been sprung wholesale spying on the French! With friends like that, who needs enemies? Yet another indication that the NSA is completely out of control, and needs to be reigned in. Meanwhile, back in NZ, we have been sold out to the GCSB, the NSA’s handmaiden by Key and his cronies. Hope it was worth it John, because the rest of the world is headed in the opposite direction.



However, Europe appear to be pushing back against the US. There are proposals for the EU to ban the likes of the NSA taking information on their citizens. On the table are a raft of new laws that would force American comapanies in particular, conform to EU privacy laws, meaning in essence that if a US company is caught supplying information to the likes of the NSA, they will be fined, heavily. Can’t see the US taking this lying down, but the Europeans are pissed. And I frankly don’t blame them.


Cryptoseal VPN have closed their doors, for what would appear would be very similar reasons to Lavamail. They fear that sooner or later, they will be forced to hand over their keys to the Governement, so they can snoop on their customers. Rather than being put in that nasty position, they have opted to pull the pin. Cryptoseal spelled out that under the current political climate in the US, noone in the business of crypto can expect to be safe from the Governement, as it continues in its endevours to be the perfect surveillance state.




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