NSA sharing intelligence with Israel

It would appear the NSA are sharing unfiltered data with Israel. Interesting, as they are not part of the Echelon network. Does make me wonder who else they are sharing their information with? Even more concerning, the GCSB here have almost no real restrictions as to what they can gather here, despite John Keys assurances to the contrary.

Remember, that information, about New Zealand citizens can effectively be shared with member nations in the Echelon network, so what is picked up here by the GCSB, can, and almost definitely will, be shared with other member intelligence agencies.

So the upshot of that is, for arguments sake, the UK GCHQ could gather data on citizens here. What is interesting is that Israel has somehow gotten itself into the mixture. If you happen to be someone like Ahmed Zhoui (formally of Algeria, now a kebab vendor in Palmeston North), and the Israeli government, or worse yet, Mossad take a take a disliking to you, you may have a bit of a problem.

Forget New Zealand acting as a sovereign state, that doesn’t even come into the equation. And if a secret service in a third party state decides to take a hit on you, you have no comeback (read: political assassination). Something along those lines happened in Norway, involving Mossad a while back. I might hasten to add they got the wrong person. Oh, and the US uses this type of intelligence in their “war” using drones …



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