Google ramp up encryption effort

Interesting that Google have waited until half the IT mammoths were outed by Snowden as being compliant with the NSA, to further try to encrypt their content. By their own admission, this will not stop a determined NSA, but in theory slow them down, as universal decryption attempts will be costly, both in terms of money and time. The argument goes along the lines that if universal monitoring becomes expensive, the NSA and related oranisations will be forced to focus their efforts on certain individuals, rather than taking a sweeping approach. Why they have waited so long (and lets face it, they must have known what was going on 6 years ago), mystifies me, but at least it is a start. To be blatantly honest though, this is a small effort, and will probably not have that big an influence. The only way to get real results is to get the public at large to use strong encryption as a matter of course, something that I cannot see happening, pretty much relegated to the “too hard basket”


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