Keith Ng spells it out

Keith Ng explains exactly what he found in the intercept of Kimdotcom, and why it is do damn disturbing (giving the police the full clout of the GCSB for one).

Oh, and if you haven’t figured out mail encryption yet, there is a useful little tutorial. I might hasten to add that if you are really serious about encryption, you may want to dedicate an **UNNETWORKED** machine for this purpose, if for no other reason than to protect your private key (and I would be inclined to keep it on a CDR, with the machine in question running a virtual machine, depending on your paranoia level)




One thought on “Keith Ng spells it out

  1. As far as (e)mail, there is something else to consider, at least in the U.S. Encryption alone will do very little for you, you also must be careful with how you handle your emails.

    Regardless of any other interception or snooping, the rule of thumb for the Feds can get their hands on any email that’s sitting on a server for more than six months without any formal warrant or even an order. )

    The solution for this is simple and should be implemented alongside encryption.

    1) Get an email client to replace your webmail interface.
    2) Set up your email accounts as POP3, and configure them to remove the emails from the server. (IMAP is better in some other ways, but it leaves the emails on the server.)
    3) Well, you’re done with what I suggested. Now is the time to encrypt — both the communication itself (I like PKE) and the data on your hard drive. This usually requires two separate encryption solutions.

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