John, you have been snapped this time

Remember John Key telling John Campbell his story about X Keyscore and PRISM sound like something out of a spy novel? Well, the worm has certainly turned, with Keith Ng pulling his case from the Organised and Financial Crime Agency New Zealand (OFCANZ). Turns out OFCANZ did indeed request information from the GCSB, and in the report he got, it mentions “selectors” (key phrases that were searched by the GCSB). Most telling was that the documents were marked “CONFIDENTIAL COMINT/NEW ZEALAND EYES ONLY”, with one marked “SECRET/COMINT/REL TO NZL, AUS, CAN, GBR, USA” (the five member nations of Echelon). So you would have to be a chump to think we were not sharing information with PRISM, and our traitor leader has made it that much easier for overseas interests to monitor our population.

How dare you Key, offend the intelligences of New Zealand, by claiming we are not tied up with PRISM, and deny the existence of “Google for spies”. You have sold the country down the river, and I hope you live long enough to regret it.,nz-police-affidavits-show-use-of-prism-for-surveillance.aspx


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