Bradley Manning given 35 years

In a not unexpected move, Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years. I wonder what the soldier that shot to hell those journalists in that infamous video clip got. Probably a medal. While this sentence sickens me (and Snowden will now have a pretty good idea of what he stands to loose), I hope to god that it does not stop other whistle blowers from standing out. What the US Government is doing, with universal surveillance, and an unjust conflict in the middle east, is just simply wrong. Made worse as of yesterday by our Government jumping on board with the GCSB bill.


4 thoughts on “Bradley Manning given 35 years

    • I completely agree!! Between Manning and Snowden, the whole evil mess has been blown wide open. Unfortunately, my country (New Zealand) has just compounded the problem, by introducing the GCSB bill, which as of last night, is law. So we are pretty much plugged in directly now to the NSA/PRISM outrage ….

      • I feel for you. I’ve been writing about different angles of this for a while, and any citizen who wishes to be a private citizen should be very, very concerned. I will never agree with the “if you’re doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about” and I’m guessing you’re in that same camp with me on that one.

        I’m a U.S. citizen but in reality we all need to look at the bigger picture — which you seem to be doing very well here, by the way. In point of fact, as you state with the point about the GCSB bill (which I have not researched, I’m afraid), the NSA debacle is spreading (I seem to recall a journalist named Miranda being detained for 9 hours in the UK), and we all have a responsibility to speak up for our basic human right of privacy without specific, probable cause for investigation.

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