Wired article

I just read this article from wired, a very credible technology magazine. The article is about the new NSA facility, due to come on line this September. I think I now understand why Key is desperate to push this awful bill through, and I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with being caught with his shorts down over illegal spying.

When the US put this monster computer on line, the numbers are incredible. The computer will consume 200 megawatts, require cooling from 60,000 tonnes of refrigeration equipment, and have storage in the order of yotabytes (a yotabyte is 10^24 bytes, or a million million terabytes. An awful lot). It would appear they are hoovering everything. Every time you use your credit card, pay for a ticket to park your car, I mean **EVERYTHING**.

In an interesting in a creepy sort of way, when the official ceremony happened for the start of construction of this monster, the official speech went along the lines of “we are building this to catch cyber criminals”. Does that sound familiar?

How about the NSA being sprung doing warrantless searches, so in 2008 the FISA act was passed, effectively legalising what was previously illegal (and how many times have we heard Key say if it is legal, it is okay? That is his main mantra for the GCSB bill, in essence our own FISA bill). The article points out, that Nixon in the Watergate saga was using the NSA to spy on the competition, and as a way of monitoring peace groups, who where not to popular around the time of the Vietnam war. We have the Iraq (1.4 million dead, and counting) and Afghanistan war now, any of this sounding familiar?

If my suspicions are correct, he is really pushing for it, because the Americans are hard on his back, because they want to plug us into this monster, for their own purposes. At a guess, I think Key has simply been offered a cut into this, being able to gain intelligence for his own purposes. Dare I say it they have pandered to his vanity, of which he has plenty.

This bill cannot be allowed to pass, because any sense of democracy and independence we have left will be nothing more than an illusion.



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