Key on Campbell live

So Key finally fronts on Campbell live. He certainly is full of himself, I will give him that. He wholesale says that Palmer and Feuguson are “wrong”, claims that X-Keyscore reads like a spy novel (without actually denying that the GCSB uses it), and basically the public should simply thing of what the GCSB do is like a computer virus scanner. Actually, I am surprised that Campbell did not bring up Edward Snowden, Obviously he was wrong too. The final nail for me was his justification that is it is legal, then it is okay. Cast your mind back to Germany in 1933, and many things that we think abhorrent  were legalised. Strictly speaking, the holocaust was a legal action in the Nazi’s eyes. That does not make it right, or moral. Key must think the New Zealand public morons. I am just looking forward to watching him take a canning in the next election


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