GCSB bill, not today at least!!

This first article is interesting. Based on comments by an ex consultant to the GCSB, it is suggested that the GCSB no longer be under the control of the PM, but come under the command of the Defense Force. While I agree the the PM of the day should not be allowed to use the GCSB as a toy to clobber the opposition, I am not so sure that giving the Defense Force the power to spy on civilians (okay, they can, indirectly anyway as it stands) is really that great an option either. It would certainly make the job for the US a lot easier. Not sure I am that crazy about drones buzzing around, dishing out their version of justice!!


Further, The Law Society are still fighting the good fight. They are still arguing that the muzzle has not been placed firmly enough on the GCSB, and the people that stand to benefit the most from their new found power. No doubt it will fall on largely deaf ears, with a Government that will not listen, and dare I say, a largely apathetic public.


And lastly, the sum up from the days antics in the house. The opposition are doing their best to slow the reading of the bill to a crawl. Interesting that the Government are no longer looking to pass the bill through urgency, a sign perhaps that they are tiring? Some good video clips to watch, especially Dunne getting (rightfully!!) heckled.



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