Dunne on National Radio

At least Dunne talks to a reputable radio source, instead of announcing that “Al_Queda are operating in NZ” on breakfast radio (Key is a f**king chump). Makes interesting listening, if you don’t mind taking 8 minutes out of your day. Seems pretty clear that by the time Henry came to questioning Dunne on the 23rd of May, he already had the goods on him. Pretty bad. What I don’t still get though, is why Dunne still thinks it is okay to spy on the general public (even with the invocation of a warrant, the reality is that the GCSB already has the goods on you, via Key-Stone). That would be fine if you could trust the GCSB (which I don’t), and your PM of the day was squeaky clean (and the PM is only human, remember?). The temptation to get one up on your peers would be too tempting. He clearly doesn’t see it that way (how he got the name “whichever way” Dunne) though. Very frustrating, considering he is going as far as seeking legal advice to seek redress. I can tell you now, if we had a spook spy on us, lawfully or not, there would be no comeback. Dunne, you are a shortsighted fool.



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