I’ve had a gutsfull

This begs belief!!!. TOR (a privacy tool for surfing the Internet anonymously) has been compromised by the FBI, looking for “kiddiporn servers”. As part of their trawl, they have infiltrated over half the servers hosted on TOR, including TORMAIL, an anonymous mail server. This last one is a real worry, as this service is legitimately used by, among others, human rights activists who don’t fancy spending 20 years in jail for sending emails from the inside of countries run by questionable regimes. Effectively, the US Government has searched everyones emails, without consent, and I bet on the shakiest of warrants. to effectively go on a “fishing trip”. Considering, among other organizations, I am tied up with Amnesty International, I take real exception to this action. What I have to say in private to members of this organization is my business, and mine alone. No doubt I have been added to the “no fly list”, and can be expected to be searched!!! So lesson learned, assume your email is wide open to Governments, especially the United States … And be very very careful if you are using TOR, because you now have to assume the entire network is compromised. Oh, and I forgot to add, if you did go visiting the TORMAIL website, the FBI has added a nice little trojan to infect your browser, so they can keep an eye on you. Apparently it only affects Firefox v17+ and Windows NT (according to someone that reverse engineered it), but I am not holding me breath. Yet another reason to not use Javascript!!!




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