X-Keyscore, again

I am probably a little slow on the uptake, but this is the first confirmation I have read that the “X-Keyscore” system, as used by the NSA, is in fact used here as well by the GCSB. Anyone left doubting the link between the NSA and the GCSB (along with the other agencies in the “Five Eyes Network”), might want to rethink their position. Pretty clear why Colonel Key is blowing his load over the thought of giving the GCSB more powers, “For the publics safety”. I urge at this point that anyone reading this post, email the speaker of the house, David Carter (david.carter@national.org.nz) to make the final reading of the GCSB bill a conscience bill. Once this is passed, it will be very difficult to revoke, and it will be the final nail in the coffin for our democracy, really, it is that serious. You might want to also consider emailing Peter Dunne, remind him of the precarious moral situation he is finding himself in, and urge him to reconsider his position on the bill. He is the weakest link, he is the one that needs to be leaned on, hard. You can get Mr Dunne at peter.dunne@parliament.govt.nz



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