John Key and the **Bad Guys**

So John, there are some bad people here, at least according to you. Bugger the fact that you make a statement to the effect, “there are bad people here, some even go to Yemen”. For a kick off, you offer absolutely no proof, yet you use this somewhat broad statement to tell us that the GCSB bill is for our own good. Taking the liberty and freedom of over 4 million NZer’s is worth this? John, have you taken one bit of notice of what the likes of the Law Society and Geoffrey Palmer have had to say about this? Likely not, instead you feed us some fairy story, with NO PROOF to back it up. And surely, if people are indulging in illegal activity here, it is a Police matter? Sorry, but trying to scare the population en mass does not do it for me. And no doubt, as soon as the bill in enacted, you will start using your “new powers” for far more than finding “terrorists” (and I would be very interested to hear what your definition of that is John. Animal Activist groups on the radar now. How about those annoying Maori activist groups? They look pretty threatening. Lets add some cannabis growers, they are a pain, they never pay their taxes). You see, we have already had a small taste of what excess power will do, and what the powers that be will do with it. For example, the Police are able to search your bank accounts without a warrant. And I know of one solid example where the Police have invaded someones account, not because they were criminals, but to see what size fine they could pay in what amounted to a civil case. You think that is fair John? Or should that be **FEAR**???

PS, I am looking forward to your orchestrated “terrorist attack” when the bill comes through, just to make sure that we are grateful that you have our interests at heart, our glorious leader (oder der Grosse fuerher … )


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