MP’s precious details

This is priceless 🙂 Hacker group “Anonymous” have announced that they will start releasing private details all those MP’s who voted in favour of the GCSB bill. They better hope they have nothing to hide, but considering the line the public have been feed, they absolutely deserve it!!


Criminal offence releasing data

In the “I am not the least bit surprised dept”, this from Lord Blair in the UK. He is arguing that there should be a blanket ban on the public releasing “state secrets”. What he really means in banging people in the dock anyone that dares question the status quo. I mean, that would be fine, if you could trust your leaders, but I have yet to see evidence that this is the case. Giving the state blanket powers to do whatever is potentially very dangerous, given that it is the State that starts wars with other States. Blanket absolute power like he is hoping for is wide open to abuse (jst look at what the NSA is getting away with, and they are not exactly secret about it anymore, it is not like anyone is in a position to challenge them), and those who have that type of power, WILL ABUSE IT.

What the Americans won’t do to gain advantage

This is a real shocker. These are actual released documents, showing that the CIA provided intelligence to Iraq in the final moments of the Iran/Iraq conflict. Disturbingly, the CIA were more than aware that Saddam would use chemical weapons, AND DID NOTHING. In fact, they seemed happy about the situation, as this would guarantee a win for the Iraqi leader (and throw sand in the face of Iran, no doubt punishment for the Islamic revolution that happened there a few years before). Little doubt then, that the intelligence community contributed to this crime against humanity.

And Key sells us on the GCSB act as “securing the nations security”. At what cost to others, may I ask?

Why you should fear surveillance

The US have been planning for economic Armageddon. It would appear they have been compiling very large lists of “subversives”, earmarking them as troublemakers (read “activists”). They are currently war gaming this scenario, which is more than a little creepy.

US founding fathers, “Extremists”

Interesting how the US military views the public at large. They talk of extremism as not only being hotheads wanting Jihad, but people talking of liberty and civil rights!! This is pretty scary stuff, and to add fuel to the fire, Obama passed the National Defense Authorization Act, increasing military power.

What do you ask, does this happen to do with New Zealand? Plenty. The Government at large here has increased dramatically it’s spying powers, and one of the organisations the GCSB is answerable to is the military. So if you are involved in some form of activism, or are unfortunate enough to be tied up in ethic affairs, you are fair game for the system. It is dead obvious the US is gearing up for a battle with it’s own population, and that mindset is spreading, fast.