Defense contractors paying off politicians

Interesting article from wired demonstrating the power of money from defense contractors. The House in the US just had a vote to cut the power of the NSA, which inevitably was lost. More interesting though, was looking at who voted against, and who’s funding came from the defense industry. No surprises there, but it really does help to connect the dots.


Moscow to start remotely reading cell phones

I always suspected this may be the case (the reason I **NEVER** carry a mobile to protest meetings), but now it is confirmed. Moscow announced that they are to start remotely scanning SIM cards on peoples phones, on the pretext that they will be able find stolen phones. Hmmm, I don’t think so. Now imagine technology like that used here. “Of course it is for your own personal safety”. I might add that in theory, it would be about as easy to remotely detect your smart new credit cards (as it stands they are designed for this sort of. If you think about it, if you can wave your flash new Visa in front of a detector to pay for goods, then it is fair game for remote surveillance. DON’T carry one on your person if you don’t want to be tracked!!).

Microsoft, where is your morality?

This is just priceless. Microsoft came out in the media stating “New Zealand’s IT industry could fall behind like the British car industry did last century if the Government presses ahead with proposed new surveillance laws”.

Huh? Is this the same Microsoft that sold its collective soul to the American NSA through the PRISM scheme? Are they stupid? I am pretty sure the horse has bolted, and the public are on to them (although I sometimes wonder about that too. Do you use Windows? Then you are fair game). Perhaps they don’t like “unfair competition”?

Mr Key, you are a liar!!

So surprise surprise, Key was snapped today, having revealed that chief of staff Wayne Eagleson had ordered Parliamentary Services to seize the records for the Henry report. Amusingly, Key is still dodging the issue, claiming that is was Parliamentary Services at fault, I find that a little difficult to stomach, considering the order came from on up high, so far so, that I have little doubt the order came from Key himself. He is publicly refusing to apologise, as he says that he has done nothing wrong. Give it up John, you are as guilty as hell.

Duck, cover

So surprise surprise. A journalist is being spied on by Parliamentary Services, apparently no “knows”, and the PM is “disappointed”. Someone needs to hang for this. Worse yet, we have journalist Jon Stephenson being spied on by the NZ military in Afghanistan, and likely being tracked by the SAS. The Government has effectively declared war onĀ  the reporting media, and I full well expect this disturbing trend to continue.

Campbell Live

If you can handle the advertising, this is worth a look. It is an interview shown on last nights show with Sir Bruce Ferguson. Sir Bruce is the former air marshall in charge of our defences, and later the director of the GCSB. He speaks out as to why he thinks the GCSB bill is bad, and how he feels the allowing it to pass on a 61-60 majority is foolhardy

We didn’t peak, honest!!

So now the speaker of the house, Mr Carter, admits that 3 months of Fairfax phone data was handed to Mr Henry. But don’t worry, because Mr Henry didn’t look at it, and returned it. Considering the mandate he was working under, do you believe him? I frankly don’t, and because of this action, you can kiss goodbye to press freedom and independence. It won’t be long before the press are told what to say, much like happens in autocratic states like China. It is reasonably obvious now that the media is already afraid to speak out against the Government, you only have to look at their coverage of the protest marches in the weekend to figure that out.